Competitive Gaming

Made for the long term and competitive focused gameplay.


We have been undetected for over 8 months and offer private builds.

No Mouse Movements

Vision doesn't make use of mouse movements or any drivers.

Active Development

We are very active developers always looking for innovation.

What is Valorant Vision?

Valorant Vision is a new SLOTTED product for Valorant, the most safest software in existance and developed upon the SkyrantCore, with unique features that make us the ultimate triggerbot even better than Skyrant although we are built upon the SkyrantCore tho due to how safe it is. We are even better than Skyrant but we've choosen this core mainly due to how safe, strong and known it is.


Why choose Vision?

There are many reasons why you should choose Vision but the most important reasons are the facts that we are built upon the safest core that has ever existed for Valorant but we are also extremely active in development and focused on safety as well, features, safety, great support and affordable pricing. We offer everything that you could wish for, Vision is not just for a fun weekend, it's for a new long term game style.

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Fully Streamlined

Vision is a very streamlined project, everything has been done with perfection, from development all the way to support and tutorials as we offer multiple updated tutorial videos, very active development and bug fixing but most importantly, friendly and active support that exists out of multiple people around the world.

We try to stand out in everything that we do and we pay attention to details very properly. Have a look at one of our tutorial videos on the right, you might learn a thing or two.

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Streamer Friendly

Vision is stream friendly as it has hotkey support and can be entirely hidden in the background.

Quick Ranking

Rank quickly and low key with Vision - Ultra Ranking is very easily possible with snipers especially.

Community focused

We are very much focused on maintaining a healthy and active community.

Eliminate, Rank and have fun!
Vision is here to up your game!

Vision Pricing and Benefits

Each license has his own benefits, I recommend you to read them carefully before making your decision, feel free to contact support if you have any questions.

Pricing Slots Available Private Obfuscation License Time HWID Lock Resets Re-sell your license? Forum Upgrade
$415 USD (Bitcoin) Sphynx#6879 (Discord) Lifetime Yes Allowed if approved Yes

20% Discount when you buy with Crypto's such as Bitcoin!

We offer a very royal discount of 20% off your total price for anyone who is willing to buy with Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai coin or even Doge coin!

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